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Food You Should Avoid to Prevent Cancer

One of the diseases that most people dread is cancer.  Not only can the risk of premature death increase, sufferers will suffer tremendously as the disease consumes parts of the body.  In addition, the treatment process of this disease also tends to be very heavy and may not be able to cure it completely.  It is for this reason that we must prevent his arrival as much as possible.

One of the ways we can do to prevent cancer is by adopting a proper diet.  Health experts say there are certain types of foods that can increase the risk of getting this disease, so we should avoid them.

Food with white flour

Foods made from white flour such as pasta, bread, and various types of cakes are readily available every day.  The problem is that despite the enjoyment of these foods, there is an increased risk of cancer if we eat them too often.  This is due to the processing of white flour that uses several chemicals that potentially increase the risk of getting cancer.

Also, quite a few foods with white flour are high in sugar content, a content that can trigger inflammation in the body if taken too much.

Potato chips

Potato chips especially those that have been packaged with various interesting flavor variants can also increase the risk of getting cancer if taken regularly.  This is due to the high content of trans fats, preservatives, and salt in it.

In addition, processing potatoes with high temperatures can also trigger the emergence of acrylamide content.  One of the contents that is carcinogenic or can cause cancer.


The margarine that we often make into cakes can also increase the risk of getting cancer.  This is due to a processing process that uses oil at high temperatures that can eventually trigger the emergence of chemicals such as lycidol and 3-MCPdare that are carcinogenic or can cause cancer.

Popcorn that is made in the microwave

Microwave -processed popcorn does have a delicious taste, but health experts say these foods already contain the chemical PFOA which is one of the carcinogenic substances.  In addition, we can also find other chemicals such as diacetyl in this popcorn.  This substance can also trigger the onset of cancer.

Red meat

Although highly nutritious, red meat should indeed be limited in its intake as it can trigger various health problems such as cancer, obesity, etc. if consumed regularly.


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